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    A system to suit your needs

    Properties come in all shapes and sizes and so too must our irrigation systems to meet the needs of our customers. We’ve just completed work on a modest garden consisting of multiple flower beds surround a paved patio, the brief was to design a system that wasn’t too complex and could be manually controlled. The result was a combination of driplines and micro sprinklers which are on separate stations, enabling the customer to apply different amounts of water accordingly. To avoid any complications in regards to operating the system, the decision was made to keep it fully manual by using two full flow valves with leavers as to keep the system as simple as possible.

    Spring has finally sprung meaning TCR are as busy as ever with numerous projects involving our design and service departments on the go, from concept designs to install and start-ups to servicing. Our engineers have been hard at work visiting our wonderful clients in the High Wycombe and wider North London area in recent days, where they have been commissioning irrigation systems along with carrying out annual services and maintenance work.

    At TCR we’re never far away from some the country’s most beautiful homes and gardens, and our latest install is no exception. Set in the South Downs National Park in Sussex, surrounded by farmland and woodland our engineers have been busy putting the final touches to an irrigation system to large lawns and multiple flower beds, fed from an existing borehole on the property.
    The lawn has been fitted with 30 RainBird 5004 pop-up sprinklers and 40 Hunter MP Rotators for an even application. With the lawn recently laid, a mole plough was used to cause as little disruption whilst laying the pipe, this method allows for a clean and neat finish to the lawn.
    The multiple beds consist of a combination of drip lines and micro sprays, accounting for larger shrubs and delicate plants. Due to the multiple areas of the garden requiring varying amounts of water application a Hunter Pro HC controller was install to manage each area efficiently and wirelessly, whilst allowing for future expansion of the system.
    The system was installed by our engineers at the end of February, due to the winter weather still rolling in the start-up of all the stations was delayed until the spring. With warm weather now finally arriving our engineer has return to start-up all 14 stations ready for the warmer months ahead.

    The installation engineers here at TCR Watering have recently completed the fitting of a large irrigation system supplied by a borehole, to a private property located near the historic town of Maidstone, Kent. The property has undergone significant re-landscaping with the introduction of two large lawns, vegetable garden with accompanying greenhouse, patio area and multiple flower beds. The system uses a Hunter Pro C controller which suited the client’s needs of customised scheduling, up to 6 hour run times, self diagnosis and the option of integrated of sensors. The vegetable plot was installed with micro sprinklers for an even distribution and driplines to the flowerbeds. The two large lawns we’re irrigated using a combination of RainBird 5004’s and Falcon 6504’s, the pipe work ran outside of the lawn with ducting branching off to each sprinkler at the edge of the lawn to avoid disruption to the newly laid turf.

    Located near the historic market town of Haslemere, sits a beautiful property that’s undergone landscaping to the entirety of its grounds which surrounds a private lake, swimming pool and paved patios bordered by manicured lawns and tiered beds.
    TCR Watering have been able to provide their expert knowledge and installation skills for this large property and are preparing for the installation in the coming days. The irrigation system will comprise of driplines and micro sprays to the beds and hedges to ensure even watering, driplines to individual trees to encourage deep root growth, dripline to pots and sprinklers to the lawns. To ensure effective coverage of the lawns, a combination of RainBird 5004’s and Hunter’s MP Rotator series’ are to be installed. To accommodate the many stations a Hunter HCC controller will be used which boats WiFi capabilities for irrigation management and can perform automatic, weather-based daily adjustments. The Hunter HCC Controller is decoder based which enables the client to expand the system in the future.

    TCR were called in by an existing client to extend their irrigation system, which TCR installed some years ago.

    The remit was to add pop up sprinklers to an additional lawn area and overhaul and update the control system.

    Hunter 4” Pro sprays were installed in the lawn. The existing controller was upgraded to 2 x Hunter ICC 2 controllers, to facilitate the additional stations, along with a Hunter Solar Sync Sensor. The sensor is an advanced weather sensor that calculates and adjusts Hunter controllers daily, based upon onsite weather conditions. It measures the sunlight and temperature and uses this to determine the correct seasonal adjustment percentage value to send to the controller.

    Part of a large landscaping project, TCR are in the process of installing an intricate sprinkler solution to a complex sloped lawn. The sprinklers of choice for the lawn on this project are Hunter Pro sprays and Rain Bird 5004’s.
    The trees and specimens are irrigated separately, with tree necklaces, which consist of mdpe pipe on the surface with emitters, which deliver the water to root zone.

    TCR Watering have recently completed the installation of a small drip and microspray system in Richmond, Surrey, all ready for the Spring. The needs of the client was to water flower borders, hedges and specimen trees.

    Microsprays have been used in the borders and on a separate station, dripline for the hedges and specimen trees. Using drip line for tree irrigation can provide the required amount of water over a much longer time period than hand watering, reducing run-off and ensuring that the water penetrates more deeply into the soil structure to minimise surface level rooting. Dripline watering for hedges, dripline with close spacing ensures even watering down the entire length of the hedge.

    TCR have recently installed irrigation to a Woodland Garden, due to open to the public in the spring.

    The irrigation consists of micro sprinklers to numerous beds and dripline in the beds adjacent to the house walls. We have also installed a pump set that can accommodate additional manual watering points in other areas of the garden.

    TCR are pleased to start a new installation in Virginia Waters. Where water comes from a borehole into a storage tank and uses popup sprinklers on the lawns and inside the mature rhododendron bushes.

    The system will be fully automated and controlled via a remote weather station and also giving notification if there is a burst or stations not coming on.