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    Q. How much will a watering system cost ?

    A. That will depend on the type and size of system you are looking for; prices range from £200 to £50,000 plus.

    Q. Will my water bills increase ?

    A. An automatic system uses water more effectively and spreads more evenly, as such it is more economical to run. However if you decide to apply more water then it will cost more.

    Q. What happens when it rains ?

    A. Rain sensors, soil sensors or weather stations are normally installed which switch off the system when it is not required making sure your garden is not over-watered or you waste water.

    Q. Can you design a system especially for my garden ?

    A. Yes; every customer’s requirements vary; T.C.R. specialise in tailor made designs to meet your requirements.

    Q. How do I look after the system ?

    A. Watering systems require very little maintenance; in winter we recommend the system is drained down to prevent frost damage which is an easy and quick job which either you or T.C.R. can do.

    Q. Will the system be visible ?

    A. Low pressure systems such as drip and micro sprays are just visible; larger systems are installed underground minus the water tank which is hidden above ground.

    Q. Will you visit me to discuss my requests thereby suggest various systems according to my finance ?

    A. Yes. We will visit you and explain things simply, helping you to understand the pros and cons of each type of system.

    Q. How much will you charge me for visiting ?

    A. Our visit and design comes free; as long as you are not using our design to be priced by others.