Irrigation Installation

    The key to every successful system is the correct installation. At TCR Watering Systems we have the experience of installing all sizes of systems, from simple hose pipes to fully automatic computer controlled systems which adjust water usage depending on rainfall, temperature and sunshine.

    By only using our own staff, and using the correct equipment, whether a mole plough machine which installs pipes under your grass without open trenching to using a shovel.

    We endeavour to install a system for you so when we are finished you won’t be able to see we have been there.

    • Qualified staff install your system
    • No sub-contracting
    • The right machines for the right results

    Watering System to Planting Beds

    17th June 2022

    This week our installation crew have been hard at work on a project near Guildford. The properties garden has been fully re-landscaped to include manicured lawns and large swathes of planting beds, encompassed with natural stone paving. The major feature for the clients was the eye catching planting beds, consisting of lush flowering grasses and […]

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    Flexible Sprinklers

    27th May 2022

    Sprinklers come in all shapes and sizes, usually hidden from sight beneath the ground, however on the rare occasion large movable sprinklers are required. This week our designers have been working on a project for a school requiring irrigation to their sports field approximately 265m x 150m. The Brief was for an automated watering system […]

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    Commercial Watering System

    13th May 2022

    Irrigation is not exclusive to private homes and sports turf. This week we’ve been quoting for an automated watering system to a companies headquarters in Milton Keynes. With the landscaping coming to a close in the next few months, attention has turned towards watering the planting beds, green walls, sedum roofs and trees. The system […]

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    Virginia Water Install Preparations

    22nd April 2022

    Spring is in the air and installations are rearing to go. Preparations have begun on a property in Vagina Water this week who’s brief was to have an smart irrigation system installed that removes the need for watering cans and hose pipes whist also allowing for changes in weather conditions. This was to include pop-up […]

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    GRP Underground Tank Installation

    6th April 2022

    The season of installations is gearing up and first off the line is a residential property on the outskirts of Guildford. The system comprises of fifteen Hunter MP3000 sprinklers to a large rear lawn, these sprinklers are capable of covering an area of up to 9.1m which can be reduced by up to 25% making […]

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