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    Movable Sprinklers

    We’re please to confirm the completion of a home watering system on the outskirts of Gildford. The project involved the installation of Rain Bird 5004 lawn sprinklers mounted on sledges, drip line watering to the planting beds, garden taps, and a Hunter Pro-HC 24 station irrigation controller.
    The new irrigation system will provide the clients plants with the perfect amount of water to thrive, whilst also saving time and money using predictive, automated watering.
    We are confident that the new irrigation system will be a valuable asset for many years to come.

    A new irrigation system is nearing completion at a large property in Surrey, UK. The system includes a Hunter ACC2 decider controller, 158 pop-up sprinklers to 6 formal lawns and entrance courtyard, 4000m of drip line to 54 beds, drip emitter necklaces to 30 trees in planters, a 49m2 steel water tank, and a 14m3/h lower pump.
    The system will provide a reliable and efficient way to irrigate the property’s extensive grounds. The pop-up sprinklers will provide even coverage for the lawns, while the drip line will deliver water directly to the roots of the plants in the beds. The drip emitter necklaces will ensure that the trees in the planters receive the water they need.
    The system is also designed to be environmentally friendly. The water tank will collect rainwater, supplemented by a borehole located on the property, which will be used to irrigate the property whenever possible. The lower pump will also help to conserve water by only pumping water when needed.
    The new irrigation system is expected to be completed in early July. Once it is complete, the property owners will be able to enjoy their beautiful gardens without having to worry about watering them.

    This week our installation crew have been hard at work on a project near Guildford. The properties garden has been fully re-landscaped to include manicured lawns and large swathes of planting beds, encompassed with natural stone paving. The major feature for the clients was the eye catching planting beds, consisting of lush flowering grasses and delicate wild meadow flowers. It was decided early on to use a combination of dripline and micro sprays to apply the irrigation to the beds, this method allowed for direct application to the roots via the dripline in regimented 30cm spacing. The dense areas of grasses were provide micro sprays on rises which apply a fine shower of water to the plants below, this method is commonly used when there is dense undergrowth. The watering system is controlled via a Hunter HC 12 station controller mounted in a discreet outside enclosure beside a 2,000l tank.

    Sprinklers come in all shapes and sizes, usually hidden from sight beneath the ground, however on the rare occasion large movable sprinklers are required. This week our designers have been working on a project for a school requiring irrigation to their sports field approximately 265m x 150m. The Brief was for an automated watering system which is flexible in its application. The design consisted of a 90mm mains pipe running beneath the ground from the tank and pump location to four machine watering points in the center of the field, from which the Speedy Rain sprinklers could be connected onto. The sprinklers are manually stretched out on the surface prior to watering. Once in position the programme is started whereby the sprinklers are automatically drawn over a set period of time.

    Irrigation is not exclusive to private homes and sports turf. This week we’ve been quoting for an automated watering system to a companies headquarters in Milton Keynes. With the landscaping coming to a close in the next few months, attention has turned towards watering the planting beds, green walls, sedum roofs and trees. The system will consist of a 1m3 sectional GRP tank located in a plant room, along filtration units and variable speed booster pump to allow for the change in levels.

    Spring is in the air and installations are rearing to go. Preparations have begun on a property in Vagina Water this week who’s brief was to have an smart irrigation system installed that removes the need for watering cans and hose pipes whist also allowing for changes in weather conditions. This was to include pop-up lawn sprinklers and a suitable method of watering to the surround beds and green house. We

    The season of installations is gearing up and first off the line is a residential property on the outskirts of Guildford. The system comprises of fifteen Hunter MP3000 sprinklers to a large rear lawn, these sprinklers are capable of covering an area of up to 9.1m which can be reduced by up to 25% making them ideal for achieving precise coverage on awkwardly shaped lawns. With space at a premium, the client decided upon a custom made underground water storage tank which would be located beneath the soon to be laid patio. The 4m3 tank is hoisted into position and encased with concrete, separated by approximately 400mm of hard compact between the concrete and the patio. The tank is accessed via a turret to the surface for any maintenance needs.

    We maybe in the depths of winter, however irrigation is still on the mind, as now is the perfect time of the year to get planning and installing in preparation for the warmer months ahead. With this I mind, we’ve recently agreed an installation date for the spring to install a large automated irrigation system at a property near Reading comprising of a 7,000l water storage tank, 14 Rain Bird 5004 rotor sprinklers to the large lawn to the rear and 52 Hunter MPR series sprinklers to the surrounding lawns and grass boarded drive. Drip line emitters will be installed to the flower beds along with micro sprinklers to the beds with dense vegetation to allow for efficient water coverage.

    2022 is now upon us, and all departments are rearing to go. Our design department have had a record number of enquiries, which is leading to plenty of work in the New Year. Out contracts team will be kept busy right with multiple large projects starting in the coming weeks and our service department will be starting to schedule in Start ups, weather dependant, in early March.

    It’s been a busy week of preparation here at TCR Irrigation with large projects starting in the next few weeks involving various forms of landscapes, from rooftop terraces in the heart of London to large residential property in the Surrey Hills. The rooftop terrace will comprise of dripline irrigation and micro sprinklers to the raised beds feed from a booster pump set in the plant room. Whereas with the residential property, the focus has been upon the sweeping lawns and wild flower meadows which are to be irrigated via large Rain Bird 6504 rotor sprinklers.