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    New sprinklers added onto an existing garden watering system in South Cheshire.

    TCR have been asked by a client if it was possible to add some sprinklers onto their existing garden irrigation system.

    The 40M x 2.5M strip of lawn is a long narrow turf area which will use the 4” Rain Bird 1800’s pop up sprinklers which will have Hunter MP Rotator nozzles installed. One extra valve box has to be installed and connected onto the existing system. This enables the new installation to be controlled using the existing controller.

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    By only using our own staff, and using the correct equipment, we endeavor to install a garden watering system for you, so when we are finished you won’t be able to see we have been there.

    Here we have a picture of a typical valve box/valve pit, pre-installation. The mains water pipework comes in and is distributed via the manifold to the three stations. Each station is controlled by the irrigation controller, which gives each station independent and full control to the user. In this instance the valve box/valve pit has been set up to control beds and sprinklers. The pipework in the beds also has pressure regulators fitted inline, to ensure the pressure to the beds is not too high and has the correct controlled amount.

    After a recent site visit, the Client would like to install an irrigation system in two phases.
    It has well-established residential gardens to the front and rear of the property.
    TCR created two designs, one for the rear gardens and one for the front.
    The design includes an Irrigation Tank and pump system which is large enough to be used for both front & rear gardens. This made the water supply future proof for all areas. Understanding the client’s needs, the tank irrigation pipeline can be pre-prepared for the future extension plans.
    The Lawns will use Rain Bird 1804 4” pop ups Rain Bird 1804 using various nozzles Hunter MP Rotator nozzles to ensure a balanced water distribution. The main flower/shrub beds are to have micro sprays, as this gives more flexibility during installation around established planting.
    There is a large herb garden which will be irrigated using galvanised risers, hidden in existing hedge rows. The sprinklers will ‘pop up’ out the top of the risers and water the whole herb garden. This will avoid disturbing the hard landscaping.

    TCR have been commissioned to design and install a comprehensive watering system for a picturesque Wedding Venue in South Cheshire. Our engineers are currently onsite installing the designed system, working in conjunction with the groundsman.
    This is a 40mm tank fed system, designed to feed over 100 sprinklers. The sprinklers are Rain Bird 1800 Series 4” pop ups with Hunter MP Rotator MP3000 adjustable nozzles. These have been selected for their versatility in the range of throw and angle of distribution.
    The installation is taking place in phases, to fit in with other ground works. TCR’s design has had to adapt to the groundsman’s new pathways and access points, without compromising the design.

    November 2018

    TCR have returned once again to a large residential site in Ollerton, South Cheshire. Further to the extensive installation works carried out by TCR already on this site, the client has commissioned us to extend the system, installing microsprays to the flower beds and sprinklers to a further lawn areas

    Over the winter TCR has installed a new system to a garden on pure soil, in the heart of Cheshire. The system has a 7000 litre irrigation tank with a submersible pump located in the tank so that it is unobtrusive. The system will be controlled by a Hunter Pro C controller that will operate the 18 stations, seven of which are for watering the turf using Hunter PGP’s on the two main lawns and valved separately, eighteen pop up sprinklers with MP rotators for the smaller banked areas which have a hard time with the sun. An additional three stations watering hydrangeas, using dripline and watering herbaceous borders using microsprays. In addition two further stations water the vegetable plot using galvanised risers. A small isolated bed is being watered separately off a Claber tap timer using dripline irrigation

    TCR are in the middle of Phase 2 works to a large residential property in Cheshire. A double row of dripline irrigation has been installed to 2m yew hedging around a children’s play area and a water feed with isolation valve to a water feature. The irrigation is also being extended to irrigate fruit trees located in a flower bed and next to a wall, using bubblers on a stake. The “umbrella spray” of these bubblers makes this an ideal way for watering, shrubs, trees and containers.

    TCR have recently completed the installation of a large automatic watering system in Shropshire. The site being watered includes lawns, trees and flowerbeds. A variable speed pump was selected that can match the duty of the system thus reducing the running costs of the system (electric) and wear on the pump. The system is being controlled by a Hunter Controller, with the option to add a weather station that would monitor four key elements and alters the amount of water applied.

    TCR are currently installing a second aerator at a large residential site in South Cheshire. We were delighted to be commissioned once again, by an existing client to carry out the works after the success of the installation of the first aerator to a large lake on the site. Aeration of water is achieved by exposure of water to air, which contains oxygen. In nature, wind activity provides this in large bodies of water by creating waves, which both moves the water by creating currents and also oxygenates it by exposure to the air. Subsurface aeration has the unique ability to create what is known as an airlift current from the bottom to the top of the pond, while at the same time introducing oxygen to the water through millions of tiny air bubbles. The air bubbles rising from the bottom to the surface of the pond originate from a configuration of self-cleaning flexible membrane diffusers. This aerates the pond through the most economical and efficient method: de-stratification. The assembly used was developed through extensive testing of underwater current flow analyses, and can lift the maximum amount of water from the bottom to the surface using the minimum of horsepower energy.

    TCR were called in by an existing client to replace a pump at a location in South Cheshire. TCR had not installed the original pump and on investigation it was found that the client’s current pump was 80% larger than it needed to be. The new pump requirement was assessed and a pump installed that was more suitable and cost effective for the client. Once again TCR offer the best and most cost effective solution for the job. We are always happy when we can assist existing and new clients to get the best out of their irrigation system.