New Hydrawise Controller, control and monitor your irrigation system from anywhere in the world!

    7th March 2016

    Control and monitor your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using your web browser or our iPhone and Android apps.

    A Hydrawise system is expandable to 36 zones, each of which can be assigned an individual name and tailored watering schedule based on the weather. A full color touchscreen on the controller combined with a simple wizard gets you up and connected to your wireless router in no time. From that point, all configuration is done in the Hydrawise app which you can trial online. Hydrawise uses your wireless internet (wifi) to access a live stream from weather stations close to you.

    With Hydrawise your garden’s watering is based on the best available, up-to-date information on the weather conditions in your area without any need for you to install your own weather station or rain sensor.

    Save water by automatically suspend watering based on temperature, predicted rainfall or actual rainfall. In addition to saving you water it will also save your plants by watering extra when hot weather is forecast!

    Hydrawise’s flow meters allow you to detect broken pipes, spray heads and faulty wiring or valves.

    The Hydrawise interface allows you to view the water usage for each watering cycle and set up email or SMS alerts when a zone’s water usage is abnormal. Find out exactly when your controller is going to water next, how much rainfall you’ve had, how much water you’ve saved and how much watering you’ve done.

    Normally the way to find out about a wiring or valve issue is when you notice your plants have died or you get a large water bill. Hydrawise monitors the state of your wiring and valves and alerts you when abnormal current is detected – this could indicate a wiring short, a broken wire, or a faulty solenoid.

    The Hydrawise controller uses your wifi network to access the internet directly through your router – no need to leave your computer on or make any network changes. Simply enter your wireless password into the unit and you’re done!

    Hydrawise is fully compatible with traditional 24V AC irrigation controllers so you can rip and replace in no time!

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