TCR Watering saving the bacon

    19th March 2014

    A call out with a difference. TCR Watering were called out to a watering system where the pump had failed. On investigation by one of our engineers it was assessed that a new pump was needed. Not only was the watering system irrigating landscape, it was also supplying water to a number of pigs that the client owns. This was classed as somewhat critical as the clients were having to carry heavy buckets from a water point, quite some way from the point where the animals were, to ensure that the pigs were kept with something to drink. This was quite a task for them due to the number of pigs that they had. What made it more of an “emergency was that the client was due to leaving the country for a while within 3 days of reporting the fault. Within 48 hours TCR’s engineers returned to the clients property with the a pump and installed it to the clients satisfaction. Leaving happy clients and even happier pigs!

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