TCR called in to a large residential property to sort out problems with a faulty filtration system.

    23rd January 2014

    TCR called in to a pumping system located in Virginia Waters, Surrey, that the client uses for irrigation, lake fill and taps around the garden. It has an iron filtration system which wasn’t working and a faulty irrigation pump. The site has an underground tank with pump mounted on the surface. Upon arriving on site it was ascertained that the mechanical seal had burnt out due to running dry because of a faulty fitting on the suction side of the pump, so we replaced the mechanical seal and installed a low pressure cut out to minimise the risk that this doesn’t happen again. On inspection due to the very high iron content the filtration system had to be cleaned using chemicals. The job was completed to the client’s satisfaction and once again TCR are happy to help. In addition the client is moving home and TCR have been asked to quote for a new irrigation system at the clients new property.

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