Pool roof Garden Watering in Surrey

    29th May 2014

    TCR Watering have been called in to an existing client in the Surrey area. The client has recently had their pool roof garden re-turfed and consequently wants to ensure the best level of watering possible. The existing watering system on the roog, which TCR did not install, was inadequate due to the fact it had been run off borehole water and not the irrigation system. There were not enough sprinklers and the pipework was too small. TCR are installing two new stations that will run off the main irrigation. This will subsequently run a total of sixteen sprinklers. TCR’s sprinklers of choice for this particular installation are Rain Bird 1804 pop ups. Chosen for their reliability and watering uniformity with a throw of 0.3m to 9.1m. The sprinklers will be located around the edges of the turf which will enable the turf to be watered evenly.


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