Once quoted…. We can add extra…. No Trouble!

    8th March 2019

    TCR recently quoted for a small residential garden that required irrigation to the lawn and flower beds.
    This had to be on a budget that suited the pockets of the client. After a site visit and some negotiations, we decided to use the perimeter fencing to secure the sprinklers above ground. This allowed for the pipework to run at the very rear of the beds, surface mounted and out of sight. The pipework will be clipped and secured to stop any movement.
    This design of the sprinkler positions was helped by the uniform shape of the garden. This helped to ensure an even distribution of water over the flower beds and the lawn area.
    The client was so happy with the price and design, that they requested extra Micro Spays to irrigate some more individual areas around the rear of their dwelling. This extra request was added to the quote without any trouble. The extra Micro Sprays adds an extra station/zone and a change in Valve Box so everything would still distribute from the chosen location.

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