Irrigation design for prestigious housing development

    25th April 2014

    TCR have been commissioned to design by a Buckinghamshire landscape company four separate irrigation systems to a housing development. Each of the systems will be independent and run off rain water harvesting with mains back up. The mains water fill complying with local water board regulations. The tanks have been sized for each irrigation system with the optimisation of harvesting. The tank will be of GRP construction and surrounded in concrete. The irrigation system will be watering turf using Rain Bird sprinklers with match precipitation nozzles, giving a uniformed coverage. The flower beds will be watered using micro sprinklers or drip line, depending on the type of planting. Hedgerows will be watered with doubleline Rain Bird drip line and run on stations with hedge water requirements. Trees will be run with double line necklaces encouraging development of the roots to spread outwards and downwards. All four systems will be controlled with a Hunter controller with weather monitoring, which globally increases or decreases the amount of water applied without human intervention.


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