Another aerator being installed in large residential site in Peeover, Cheshire..

    26th February 2014

    TCR are currently installing a second aerator at a large residential site in South Cheshire. We were delighted to be commissioned once again, by an existing client to carry out the works after the success of the installation of the first aerator to a large lake on the site. Aeration of water is achieved by exposure of water to air, which contains oxygen. In nature, wind activity provides this in large bodies of water by creating waves, which both moves the water by creating currents and also oxygenates it by exposure to the air. Subsurface aeration has the unique ability to create what is known as an airlift current from the bottom to the top of the pond, while at the same time introducing oxygen to the water through millions of tiny air bubbles. The air bubbles rising from the bottom to the surface of the pond originate from a configuration of self-cleaning flexible membrane diffusers. This aerates the pond through the most economical and efficient method: de-stratification. The assembly used was developed through extensive testing of underwater current flow analyses, and can lift the maximum amount of water from the bottom to the surface using the minimum of horsepower energy.

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