Design for a Central London House Project

    1st January 2019

    Another design released this morning for a Central London House Project. This is for a returning architect on another one of their schemes. The Project is for a 32mm system for a front & rear garden which needs a watering to the Borders, Lawns, Trees, Hedges and Pots.
    The design includes an Irrigation tank and a lateral supply to various valve pits around the site. The flush fitted valve pits will need to be placed into the beds for easy access and to be partly hidden by new shrubs/flowers.
    From each Valve Pit a network of pipe will supply the water to each zone/station using a Rain bird DV valve. These flow rates have been calculated in house, to ensure that the correct volume and pressure of water will be evenly distributed throughout the gardens.
    Dripline will be used for the beds and hedge rows. The Pots are scattered around the site and will use surface mounted LDPE pipe to feed the areas required. This will have the flexibility of being ducted if the client so wishes. The sprinkler system will use a measured lateral feed system utilising a Rain Bird 1800 Series pop up sprinkler system. Each tree will have its own dedicated tree necklace supply.

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