Watering System to Planting Beds

    17th June 2022

    This week our installation crew have been hard at work on a project near Guildford. The properties garden has been fully re-landscaped to include manicured lawns and large swathes of planting beds, encompassed with natural stone paving. The major feature for the clients was the eye catching planting beds, consisting of lush flowering grasses and delicate wild meadow flowers. It was decided early on to use a combination of dripline and micro sprays to apply the irrigation to the beds, this method allowed for direct application to the roots via the dripline in regimented 30cm spacing. The dense areas of grasses were provide micro sprays on rises which apply a fine shower of water to the plants below, this method is commonly used when there is dense undergrowth. The watering system is controlled via a Hunter HC 12 station controller mounted in a discreet outside enclosure beside a 2,000l tank.

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