Two phase design for residential property on outskirts of Crewe.

    7th February 2019

    After a recent site visit, the Client would like to install an irrigation system in two phases.
    It has well-established residential gardens to the front and rear of the property.
    TCR created two designs, one for the rear gardens and one for the front.
    The design includes an Irrigation Tank and pump system which is large enough to be used for both front & rear gardens. This made the water supply future proof for all areas. Understanding the client’s needs, the tank irrigation pipeline can be pre-prepared for the future extension plans.
    The Lawns will use Rain Bird 1804 4” pop ups Rain Bird 1804 using various nozzles Hunter MP Rotator nozzles to ensure a balanced water distribution. The main flower/shrub beds are to have micro sprays, as this gives more flexibility during installation around established planting.
    There is a large herb garden which will be irrigated using galvanised risers, hidden in existing hedge rows. The sprinklers will ‘pop up’ out the top of the risers and water the whole herb garden. This will avoid disturbing the hard landscaping.

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