TCR Watering pick up two new service contracts for prestigious sites in central London

    12th December 2013

    TCR are delighted to have been chosen for the annual service contracts for communal gardens in central London. The larger of the two systems located in one of our leading colleges is supplied mains water to a discrete underground tank. From there a submersible pump controlled by a water cooled variable speed drive and Hunter Irrigation Controller operates Hunter sprinklers on numerous stations. The second and smaller system operates from a communal pump supply and waters a small garden. Within an Annual Service Contract at this time of year, we drain down the automatic watering systems for the winter, ensuring the mains pipe work is drained of water and that the tanks and pumps are prepared for the winter chill. We will return in the spring to start up the watering systems, when we will reconnect electrics to pumps, fill irrigation mains and other works to ensure that the watering systems are fully operational after the winter period. We like to keep our clients informed and for all visits by TCR Watering the client is provided with a written report for any works carried out to their automatic watering system and any faults found.

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