Installation near Haslemere, perfect timing for the summer months.

    20th April 2021

    Located near the historic market town of Haslemere, sits a beautiful property that’s undergone landscaping to the entirety of its grounds which surrounds a private lake, swimming pool and paved patios bordered by manicured lawns and tiered beds.
    TCR Watering have been able to provide their expert knowledge and installation skills for this large property and are preparing for the installation in the coming days. The irrigation system will comprise of driplines and micro sprays to the beds and hedges to ensure even watering, driplines to individual trees to encourage deep root growth, dripline to pots and sprinklers to the lawns. To ensure effective coverage of the lawns, a combination of RainBird 5004’s and Hunter’s MP Rotator series’ are to be installed. To accommodate the many stations a Hunter HCC controller will be used which boats WiFi capabilities for irrigation management and can perform automatic, weather-based daily adjustments. The Hunter HCC Controller is decoder based which enables the client to expand the system in the future.

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