Installation in the Heart of Cheshire

    17th January 2019

    Over the winter TCR has installed a new system to a garden on pure soil, in the heart of Cheshire. The system has a 7000 litre irrigation tank with a submersible pump located in the tank so that it is unobtrusive. The system will be controlled by a Hunter Pro C controller that will operate the 18 stations, seven of which are for watering the turf using Hunter PGP’s on the two main lawns and valved separately, eighteen pop up sprinklers with MP rotators for the smaller banked areas which have a hard time with the sun. An additional three stations watering hydrangeas, using dripline and watering herbaceous borders using microsprays. In addition two further stations water the vegetable plot using galvanised risers. A small isolated bed is being watered separately off a Claber tap timer using dripline irrigation

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